Chasing Adventure v1.05 Is Released + PledgeManager Launch

Chasing Adventure v1.05 Is Released

This is the version that backers can download through PledgeManager. DTRPG, Itch, Google Drive, and the CA Website also have updated files of the game, though Roll20 Sheets have not been updated yet. The changes to the game are as follows:


  • Many spelling fixes that were previously uncaught.
  • Many small wording tweaks, fixing inconsistencies and increasing readability without making substantial changes to mechanics or meaning.
  • Many small discrepancies were found between moves, mechanics, and other text between the main source and the Reference chapter. For example, some instances of Defy included the phrase ‘Tell us how you do it’ while others included ‘Say how you do it’. These have been corrected and made consistent across the book.


  • Home asset now grants +1 Armor against anything when you Settle In at home, instead of Advantage Forward.

Character Creation

  • Backgrounds have now been ordered alphabetically within each playbook.
  • The wording for Greater Cleric Invocations and Wizard Spells has been simplified. Instead of phrases like “invoke a Spell’s Greater effect” a move would now say “make a Spell Greater”. The mechanic itself is unchanged.
  • The Ranger’s Pair of Reliable Hatchets (Intimate, Near) have been changed to Pair of Throwable Hatchets (Close, Near).
  • Tools of the Trade (Ranger Advanced Move) was too similar to Tricks of the Trade (Thief Starting Move) and so has been renamed Tackle Box. A list of example items for the move has also been added to this move in the Character Creation chapter.

That's everything! It's been a busy 2 weeks but progress on everything is going well. Thanks for readying.

We Are On PledgeManager

If you missed the crowdfunding campaign for the hardcover version, you can now pre-order a physical copy of the game through PledgeManager:


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