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Chasing Adventure is an easy-yet-deep Powered By the Apocalypse game about daring adventurers in a fantasy setting. With fast character creation and starting adventure tables, you can hit the ground running with action-focused moves and flexible archetypes. Defeat threatening enemies, earn the favor of those around you, increase in wealth and power, and sometimes take a break and relax. 

This game started as a refinement of Dungeon World, but has since evolved into its own game. If you're familiar with Dungeon World, here are the most obvious  differences:

  • Advantage/Disadvantage has replaced most instances of +1/-1 modifiers
  • No Load, Rations, or (mostly) Ammo
  • CON has been removed
  • Background replaces Race and Alignment
  • Moves and Playbooks have been remade
  • HP and Damage have been replaced with Conditions
  • Wealth is an abstract replacement for coins
  • You can gain or lose Favor with each other and NPCs.

If you pay over $10 you get the Full version of the game, which includes these additional sections:

  • Treasure and Magic Items
  • Adventure Generator, complete with tables for Friends, Outlines, Locations and Enemies
  • Powerful Artifact magic items
  • Advanced Play, which includes hacking the game, optional rules, creating custom moves and playbooks, and more.
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Chasing_Adventure_Full_v0.9.zip 2 MB
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